After nine hours, staffers get a dinner break outside of the newsroom. Some are completely finished with their assignments, while some will return to work after refueling. Stay tuned on twitter and Instagram: @spjwrite4food for more coverage.

The morning meeting: students stake their claim on the stories they will write, photograph, record while designers plan out an entire issue of the Homeless Voice.

Meet the Will Write For Food 2013 staff.

On August 31, 2013, 21 student journalists descended upon Hollywood, FL to take over the Homeless Voice, the second-largest homeless publication in the country. Students will write, edit, photograph, record, and design an issue of the Homeless Voiceall in 36 hours over Labor Day weekend. On their first night, they toured the COSAC Homeless Shelter, eating dinner with residents and visitors. 

Dawn, Krista, Assistant Photo Editoe Christine and Malorie have arrived! Welcome to #wwff13.

Will Write For Food 2013 begins in T-4 hours. Do you handle stress like COSAC Founder/Director Sean Cononie? 

WWFF12: Ryan Cortes and Sean Cononie

University of Memphis senior Chris Whitten spent the night on the streets of Fort Lauderdale. Here is some of his story. Read the rest at

On our second outreach stop, Chris Whitten found Corey again, whom he met in the park last night. Corey has been in the park for a couple days and decided to come back with our group to COSAC tonight.